Molybdenum Discs
   Thickness: 0.1mm-6.0mm
   Diameter: 3.5mm-200mm
   Flatness tolerance: ≤4μ
   Roughness: ≤Ra1.60

   Tungsten  Discs
   Thickness: 0.1mm-4.0mm
   Diameter: 3.5mm-200mm
   Flatness tolerance: ≤5μ
   Roughness: ≤Ra1.60

    Molybdenum Sheet 
    Thickness: 0.1mm-3.0mm
    Length: 2.0mm-200mm
    Width: 2.0mm-200mm


        Al/Sic             Mo products in different shape                Mo-disc/Ag.Au plated   

Our company can produce all kinds of Mo-relating and W-relating products according to clients' samples or designs such as Mo target, W target, Mo bar, W bar, Mo slab, W slab, Mo boat, structural parts in Moly.

Surface Treatment
    While the molybdenum discs are used as base plate in the discrete components such as diodes, triodes and IGBT modules, they are usually needed to be plated with Nickel, Gold, Silver, Rhodium or Ruthenium in order to promote their welding performance. We have the ability to plate Nickel and Silver on the surface of Molybdenum discs. The technology to plate Gold, Rhodium and Ruthenium on the surface of Molybdenum discs is under development.